Jess Kellie AdamsThe Mount Vernon Music and Arts Festival (MVMAF) and The Woodward Opera House will team up to kick off this year’s festivities, welcoming emerging Nashville country artist Jess Kellie Adams and her band for a fundraising concert, Thursday, August 8, at 6:30 p.m.

Jess Kellie Adams is the lead vocalist of her band and sings with the help of Zach Goforth on bass and background vocals, and Zach Reeder on electric guitar, acoustic guitar, and
piano, along with additional musicians. She has performed at several venues regionally and nationally, including the Georgia National Fair, the South Carolina State Fair, and our own Knox County Fair. Jess played 65 shows in 2023 and is scheduled for a nine-day run at this year’s Delaware State Fair.

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 Patsy Cline

What is a Living History presentation? 

It’s simple. An actor brings an historical character back to life. 

How do they do it? The actor does in-depth research into the character they have selected and create a presentation around the information that they have learned. The actors do not use a script that has been produced by someone else, but have created their own original dialogue. We at MadCap Living History do our best to represent the character as realistically as they were in life. We delve deeply into their life, and focus on various aspects that we find interest, and believe will find entertaining. We do our best to be accurate and respectful of all of our characters, even the ones that weren’t so respectable.

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