Rules & Regulations

The following is included in the rental agreement for use of [email protected]

  • Payment is required within 48 hours of use of the facility (see facility use fees).
  • The organization using the building shall be responsible for moving its equipment into and out of the building.
  • The “Adult (over 21 years old) in charge” of the activity shall be present before the activity is due to start and remain with the group until all have left the building.
  • You and/or your organization is responsible for returning the facility to the same or better condition in which it was entered.
  • Penalties will be assessed for damages that occur to the building/grounds during your rental.
  • Please make sure that the entrance and departure times are correct and any special arrangements you may need are noted under the COMMENTS section.
  • Times stated on this contract are the only hours you or your organization is permitted in the building. Any extra hours may be assessed.  DO NOT enter building at other times, when it is used by others.
  • Alcoholic beverages and/or smoking are prohibited in this facility.
  • A Certificate of Insurance, with proper limits of liability, shall be submitted with the rental contract as evidence of insurance coverage at least three days in advance of the event and must designate both the sponsoring organization and Woodward Development Corporation and the Knox Partnership for Arts & Culture as additionally insured. If this document is not provided the event shall be cancelled.
  • Any changes or rescheduling of this event must be made a minimum of 48 hours prior to the use and are subject to approval.
  • All Stage and auxiliary lighting  must be laboratory approved (UL, Factory Mutual, etc.) for use in a theater and/or stage areas.   Clamp on or other similar lighting fixtures intended for home or shop use are prohibited.
  • Flash pots or similar devices shall NOT be used in the building.  No open flames of any kind are permitted.
  • When setting up theater seating, at least a 4’ wide aisle way on the north (bakery) side of the theater must be maintained at all times, continuously from the front to the back of the theater.


Food Service / Catering Regulations:

  • Carry in platters not requiring heat or refrigeration are permitted. All other food service shall be provided by a licensed caterer. There will be no food preparation on the premises. There will be no dishwashing or any such type of cleaning up on the premises. There is no catering kitchen facilities available for use on premise.
  • Caterer is responsible for all setup, teardown, reset of the existing setup if changed. The caterer is responsible to haul all trash and waste away from the premises. The facility dumpster is not for use to dispose of waste and trash from the catered event.  All tables and chairs on premise are available for use by renter at no additional cost.  The caterer is responsible for returning all cleaned tables and chairs, etc. to their original position and performing a thorough cleaning of the premises.
  • The renter is not permitted to bring in roasters, crockpots or other warming devices that use electric, flame or other heating devices. All caterer devices designed to heat food must be approved by the leaseholder.


Policy & Procedures

Setup & Teardown: 1. The client will setup and teardown all tables, chairs, etc . and return to the normal stored position at the end of their activity.  2. If the venue is setup for an on-going event, please return chairs, tables, etc. to the circumstances as found.

Trash: Make sure all trash is placed in the proper containers at the rear of the facility.  Organic (food, etc.) trash must be placed in the dumpster in the rear. Caterers are required to haul away all trash as it was produced at their event.

Restrooms: Check the restrooms at the end of your activity and be sure that they are orderly and ready for use by the next group.  Professional cleaning will be provided on a weekly basis only, except when a major event is held and is necessarily paid for by the event sponsor.

Lights:  Make sure that all lights, lighting circuits, and other devices used are turned off.

Doors: Make sure that all doors are shut and locked.

HVAC: Make sure that the thermostat is turned back to unoccupied (manually set to 55 degrees F in the winter).  The air conditioner is turned off in the summer when it is unoccupied.


Contact Information

The Woodward Opera House,

107 South Main Street
Mount Vernon, OH 43050

(740) 392-6102
(800) 837-5282

[email protected]


Engage arts and community leadership to authentically restore the Woodward Opera House into a fully functional theater operation, develop the overall Woodward facility into a contemporary self-sustaining arts center for community interaction, become a catalyst for excellence in education, encourage civic engagement, and enrich the quality of life in the Mount Vernon ~ Knox County, Ohio area.